Akia Garnett International Marketing Influencer

Akia Garnett, M.B.A. is an international speaker and influencer, Akia Garnett is Director of Marketing for the International Economic Development Council, and is coauthor of Seen and Sustained – Best Practices in Communication that Increase the Visibility of Small and Diverse Business.

She is a social media marketing expert, and creator of the Brandbuilder Continuous Improvement Process™ model, a communication tool. Akia has developed and implemented communication programs for several organizations including small businesses and nonprofit companies. She has held many marketing positions, including marketing coordinator for The Smithsonian Associates, Smithsonian Institution, Minority Business Enterprise representative and Marketing Manager for Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc; Marketing Chair of the Virginia Business Opportunity Fair; Sr. Marketing Manager and Director of Operations and Business Development for ICMA Consulting Services, a division of the International City/County Management Association and others.

Akia speaks regularly to large and small audiences. She is an adjunct professor of marketing at Trinity University of Washington, DC. She is also former Vice President of the Virginia commonwealth board of directors for Bethany Christian Services, and serves as an advisory board member for Devotion to Children. Published in several periodicals, Akia is a columnist for Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine. Her column is called “Master Your Brand.” She is married to her husband, Richard Ashmond Brew and is the mother to three children, Faith, Hope and Grayson.

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