Your Next Chapter on Facebook – Absolutely Amazing

Your Next Chapter on Facebook – Absolutely Amazing

Two Thumbs Up!

Facebook Live is a wonderful thing – people are sharing online in new and exciting ways. Haven’t you seen the Facebook advertising campaign around your community encouraging you to join in on the fun! As a marketer and brander of many years, I can tell you it is a brilliant concept.  It’s hard to top that type of genius [sorry Apple – I love you forever].

The power of your future on Facebook is more than promising.  Take a closer look at the new icons on your Facebook app. In a nutshell, these new features offer the everyday person an opportunity to build a small business, add new products and services to the marketplace, and increase the tax base in their community.  These are keys to your success and it’s only just begun.  No matter your background, you already qualify just by having access to Facebook.  This is not just an opportunity to “sell something” but also to build a real brand and legacy.  Today, you have immediate access to what past generations took years to build – a captive audience.  These virtual tools have removed every inch of red tape to launching a business, or at least testing the waters.

Consider the potential; you’re already on the app or website. You’re already familiar with the tool, because little did you know, you’ve been testing it out over the past five or more years. Your network is already there, all your family members, friends, and friendnemies, and their networks as well. This is the perfect time to begin creating positive and lucrative impressions.  Don’t think you have anything to sell or offer? Look again. You will find people in your own neighborhood buying and looking to buy. Shoes, belts, phones, laptops, dog-walking services, painting services, tutoring, socks knitted by eskimos, you name it – it’s out there. Have clothes with tags hanging in your closet? Don’t intend to wear them? Sell them. Those neon green shoes you realized were a mistake to buy? Sell them. Jewelry you no longer wear or that nice new juicer you thought you’d use during your vegan phase? Sell it all.  Think of all the space you can make for what you really want to buy, and the great thing is that someone in your neighborhood probably sells it.

Here are six ways to take advantage of the new and definitely improved Facebook right from your sofa, loveseat or futon!  

Gather those valuables you know you will not wear or use
and take photos of each. Most smartphones have great photo capabilities. No need to go out and buy a new camera.

Determine best price, not solely by what you paid but by what the market will bare. The two are inseparable.

Ensure pickup or delivery capability.  Also, factor in packaging and shipping estimates – don’t lose your shirt.

Maintain a flow of consistency. You may not always sell the same products, but stay in the habit of showcasing inventory.  Yes, look at all your items as inventory.

Ensure good quality.  If you think the quality is poor so will others. If you sell used items, accurately rate the quality.  Your transparency will be appreciated.  When you offer good quality, you increase your chances of seeing positive ratings and reviews. You won’t please everyone, but you can certainly try.

Provide great and timely customer service. Think of the best service you have ever received. What about that experience did you most appreciate? Work elements of that experience into how you help your customers. Before you know it, you can and will build a loyal following of online shoppers with plenty of disposable income.

Don’t waste another moment of your precious time watching everybody else on Facebook find their business stride. The playing field has been leveled. Follow the above steps, jump in the game and watch the success you can create, too.

Thanks to Facebook for such an incredible gift to humanity. Now each man and woman can fish for themselves.

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