Bridging the Social Media Generation Gap

Bridging the Social Media Generation Gap

Originally published in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of MBE Magazine


Brandiacs chane the world

#Brandiac—to master the entire thought process of a service or product offering and its impact on the earth. —Akia Garnett

Brandiacs Change the World

When I made the connection between marketing, branding, and sustainability, I knew I had found my career path. It was incredibly rewarding to get it. I had been scratching at the surface for years, because I knew there was more to communication than just a successful company and greater bottom line. Perhaps you have heard that the first step to building a brand is to have passion. When there is no passion for the marketing of a brand, it’s just transactional. Place this ad. Research this market. Create this flyer. Book floor space at this tradeshow. Create X number of impressions. Generate leads, etc. As important as it is, knowing the numbers and how they are connected does not represent passion either. Buying online ads, using analytics, refreshing or overhauling a website is still not about passion. Those things represent transactions and help companies grow.  Read the full column.


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