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Boosting Your Personal Brand through Social Media Marketing

Boosting Your Personal Brand through Social Media Marketing

I am honored to have authored the “Master Your Brand” column for MBE magazine over the years. There is no greater professional joy for me than to share useful information and tips in the areas of marketing, branding, and communications. My columns are always based on a specific question or a trending topic. This edition’s column is a combination of both. As I outlined the column I was reminded of the mission statements of three companies which have become household names. I believe it is fair to say that each are achieving their mission.

The very nature of WordPress’ mission statement provides a glimpse into how committed their leadership team is at helping brands, including personal ones, launch.

At, our mission is to democratize publishing one website at a time.

Facebook’s mission as of 2016 is “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”  Facebook’s “why messaging” goes onto to explain how people use the Website.

Here’s a snippet of Instagram’s why messaging. “We’re building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends’ lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through photos.

Click here to read the full “Master Your Brand” column to see how these mission statement impact the power of personal branding, and what you can do to boost your own presence through social media. 

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Akia Garnett
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Takeaways from Two Events During National #Entrepreneurship Week 

Takeaways from Two Events During National #Entrepreneurship Week 

Did you join in on any National Entrepreneurship Week fun? It’s not too late. As America nears the end of this annual celebration, there are a whole 24 hours left to not only join in the celebration, but also to connect with other business owners. Follow the conversation on social using the hashtag, .

I may be an experienced marketer, but I don’t believe in resting on my laurels.  Tonight I spent time at Bar Deco in Washington, DC with a few dozen bloggers as we shared information and learned more ways to grow and monetize blog sites, keep content fresh, and partner with other writers to increase exposure.  Congratulations to Black Bloggers United for putting on such an inspiring event. Follow them on social at @bbloggersunited.

Here are few blog tips I took away:  

#1 – Maintain consistency. I agreed whole-heatedly with this. So much  momentum is lost when we start and stop, and it confuses audiences we grow when we take unexpected breaks.

#2 – Find ways to re-purpose and continuously promote your content. It’s OK to share the same blog entries, especially if you’re highlighting different points made.

#3 – Partner with complementing bloggers. I’m a big fan of partnering and this concept was a buzz word during the event. It’s best to build a true and substantive dialog with potential partners, visit their websites, follow and spend time browsing their social media channels, and most important, arrange for some time to think and talk through the best way to build a mutually beneficial teaming opportunity. Before you even approach that conversation, first think of how your partner will benefit, because that’s the first thing they’ll think about, too.

I kicked off the Entrepreneurship Week celebration a few days ago during an interview of my friend, Danny Vargas, founder and president of VARCom Solutions. Danny’s career has offered him many high-profile opportunities, but his commitment to serve the public is why he stays top of mind for me in terms of the savvy business owner who really gets it.

See and hear Danny share insights on:

-How to balance government and commercial contracts together

-His experience as an 8a government contractor  – learn more about this program at

-Lead times and sales cycles

-How to build a presence through community focused programs, such as business chambers and nonprofit boards of directors

-His role leading a fundraising campaign for a future Smithsonian Institution Latino American museum

And a lot more, including Danny’s wise words on politics, running for public office and what it’s like to campaign in today’s business world

A few ways to close out Entrepreneurship Week:

Attend an in – person networking event. Check out eventbrite in your area to see what events are near you. Many events are free.

Attend an in-person seminar or workshop. No matter where you are, there’s something going on in your area. Here’s a calendar of events for the Small Business Administration. See what’s happening near you!

Reach out to your clients, friends and family who are business owners. Send them a quick note, wishing them success in building their business. I’m sure they’ll enjoy hearing from you, and re-connecting with them offers another opportunity to start a conversation which could lead to new or expanded partnerships.

Akia Garnett
Are we connected on social? Find me at @AkiaGarnett – I’m all over.

Support Our #Creatives – Q&A with Alan Greenstein

Support Our #Creatives – Q&A with Alan Greenstein

I sat down with Alan Greenstein, video producer, blogger and supporter of all things creatives do in this economy. Alan is a huge ambassador of ThinkBIG. Here’s access to our question and answer session about branding, influencing, and though-leadership. Thank you to Alan for showcasing the work we’re doing at

Access Alan’s blog here. 



Personal Brands on Social Media – Where’s Yours?

Personal Brands on Social Media – Where’s Yours?

I absolutely love the mission of MBE magazine, which is why I continue to write for the publication. The magazine, one of the key publications in the supplier diversity and inclusion industry, has a long-track record of supporting minorities and women in business. Subscribe at 
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Here’s a snapshot of my recent column, “Master Your Brand” – See the full article here.

Winter 2017 Edition – MBE magazine 

Perhaps you are blown away by the amount of personal branding that is taking place on social media. Nowadays, it seems as if everybody has a brand. If you’re trying to figure things out, this Master Your Brand column is just for you. Specifically, this column will address the following scenario:

You have launched a personal brand, but you are not building valuable and engaged communities, and are not seeing the impact and financial reward you hoped to receive.

Two points. I know where you are. And, you are not alone. 

As an experienced marketer, here’s how I define personal branding: A personal brand is the attachment of stories, theories, ideologies and philosophies to a person or living creature. 

Already branded yourself but don’t see any growth? 
Getting Your Content Picked Up Just Got Easier

Getting Your Content Picked Up Just Got Easier

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It’s not easy to be seen in today’s sea of content, but if you diversify your reach you might be surprised by how many news outlets are looking for good quality, solid contributors.  Consumption of content is increasing at record rates as a result of distribution tools being created. This means there’s room for your works to be seen by more people, too.  This Tuesday on ThinkBIG, I am spending time with Alexis Coates, Founder of Black Business Review –

Here’s an expert from a news story on Black Business Review featuring Coates’ appearance on ThinkBIG:

Coates to share tips with the minority community to help increase quality of reporting and to help writers increase chances of their stories being picked up by news reporting outlets. “There’s a tremendous amount of content, too much to keep up with online, and so the better your writing is, the greater your chances of being considered a reliable source of information websites like will turn to.” also said Coates.

Check out the full news story here and tune in Tuesday night at 8PM ET to see what’s driving Coates to increase awareness for minority content distributors and readers.

Stay a little longer on; check out this week’s episode. I interview co-hosts for The Small Business Report, Carl Brown and Sharrarne Morton. They both give tips that will help you build a strong financial business and leverage it through broadcasting as well.

How Personal Is Your Professional Network?

How Personal Is Your Professional Network?

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Originally published in the March/ April 2013 edition of MBE magazine. Visit MBE online.

The finest brand you can build for yourself is one that combines elements from your professional and personal life. In fact, your professional brand is your personal brand more and more these days, and your personal brand is your professional brand. They’re one and the same, and will continue to be as people find greater opportunities to balance life and work.

The days of working 9 to 5 and living a closed-off, private life after – hours are finished. Social media marketing has allowed us all to share more of ourselves than ever before. Most people choose to leave some things unshared—there are still topics that won’t reach the outside world.

I believe, however, that the future world – changers are those who have learned to leverage all life events — from workplace successes to family challenges, and even health issues. Filling in the gray areas with vibrant colors or truths for the world to see is what creates lasting, likable impres- sions, and it is what will keep your brand top-of-mind. Read the full article.

Bridging the Social Media Generation Gap

Bridging the Social Media Generation Gap

Originally published in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of MBE Magazine


Brandiacs chane the world

#Brandiac—to master the entire thought process of a service or product offering and its impact on the earth. —Akia Garnett

Brandiacs Change the World

When I made the connection between marketing, branding, and sustainability, I knew I had found my career path. It was incredibly rewarding to get it. I had been scratching at the surface for years, because I knew there was more to communication than just a successful company and greater bottom line. Perhaps you have heard that the first step to building a brand is to have passion. When there is no passion for the marketing of a brand, it’s just transactional. Place this ad. Research this market. Create this flyer. Book floor space at this tradeshow. Create X number of impressions. Generate leads, etc. As important as it is, knowing the numbers and how they are connected does not represent passion either. Buying online ads, using analytics, refreshing or overhauling a website is still not about passion. Those things represent transactions and help companies grow.  Read the full column.