Ignite Your #Influencer Status

Ignite Your #Influencer Status

Learn more about Akia’s book, Seen and Sustained, coauthored with Jane Lovas, Tamecia Bradshaw, and Mali Phonpadith. Seen and Sustained is a professional workbook created to help businesses communicate their vision a mission effectively.


A few things people have said:

“Akia is a well-organized entrepreneur, visionary and speaker. As vice-president of the board of Directors for a branch of a large, nationally known charity, Akia was responsible for getting a new program started. She made contacts and followed through on the coordination and successful execution of a major project, energizing the entire board in the process. It’s a pleasure to recommend Akia.” — Fred Sheap, Former Board Member at Bethany Christian

“Akia Garnett was my MBA professor at Trinity Washington University. A brilliant professor has that infectious desire and drive to succeed. Akia Garnett is a creative thinker who can add new approaches and who has energy useful in driving culture change.” — Fan Zhang, M.B.A., Consumer Purchasing Behavior Specialist

“Akia helped me in developing the mission and vision for my second company Successful Culture. Her approach is exceptional, but it pales in comparison to the way her mind works! She has a way of leading a business owner to the true essence behind their passion, and can articulate it in a way through the mission and vision of a company that fully represents what the owner is trying to achieve. Akia truly knows how to ‘Master Your Brand.’” — Marissa Levin, Leadership Expert, Proven Growth Strategist for Business Owners & Their Leadership Teams

“Akia is one of the most dedicated and committed supporters of Heart Centered leadership. Her mission is to ensure that every visionary is able communicate what they do, based on their “Passion” and “Why” to their employees and their clients.

If your company is not communicating with Passion and Integrity based on your vision and mission, run don’t walk, to connect with Akia!” — Jane Lovas, President/CEO of Lovas Consulting


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