Getting Your Content Picked Up Just Got Easier

Getting Your Content Picked Up Just Got Easier

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It’s not easy to be seen in today’s sea of content, but if you diversify your reach you might be surprised by how many news outlets are looking for good quality, solid contributors.  Consumption of content is increasing at record rates as a result of distribution tools being created. This means there’s room for your works to be seen by more people, too.  This Tuesday on ThinkBIG, I am spending time with Alexis Coates, Founder of Black Business Review –

Here’s an expert from a news story on Black Business Review featuring Coates’ appearance on ThinkBIG:

Coates to share tips with the minority community to help increase quality of reporting and to help writers increase chances of their stories being picked up by news reporting outlets. “There’s a tremendous amount of content, too much to keep up with online, and so the better your writing is, the greater your chances of being considered a reliable source of information websites like will turn to.” also said Coates.

Check out the full news story here and tune in Tuesday night at 8PM ET to see what’s driving Coates to increase awareness for minority content distributors and readers.

Stay a little longer on; check out this week’s episode. I interview co-hosts for The Small Business Report, Carl Brown and Sharrarne Morton. They both give tips that will help you build a strong financial business and leverage it through broadcasting as well.

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