Personal Brands on Social Media – Where’s Yours?

Personal Brands on Social Media – Where’s Yours?

I absolutely love the mission of MBE magazine, which is why I continue to write for the publication. The magazine, one of the key publications in the supplier diversity and inclusion industry, has a long-track record of supporting minorities and women in business. Subscribe at 
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Here’s a snapshot of my recent column, “Master Your Brand” – See the full article here.

Winter 2017 Edition – MBE magazine 

Perhaps you are blown away by the amount of personal branding that is taking place on social media. Nowadays, it seems as if everybody has a brand. If you’re trying to figure things out, this Master Your Brand column is just for you. Specifically, this column will address the following scenario:

You have launched a personal brand, but you are not building valuable and engaged communities, and are not seeing the impact and financial reward you hoped to receive.

Two points. I know where you are. And, you are not alone. 

As an experienced marketer, here’s how I define personal branding: A personal brand is the attachment of stories, theories, ideologies and philosophies to a person or living creature. 

Already branded yourself but don’t see any growth? 

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