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Doing and increasing business with the federal government requires a solid strategy. Jim Bender, principal, ZK Development Solutions, gives tips on shaping products and services to meet federal standards, establishing a lead generation process, how to right-size proposals to meet the unique requirements of a scope of work, and what to do when you finally land a contract. This interview is for business owners ready to grow their capabilities and portfolio in the public sector.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Len Johnson

Len Johnson, Marketing Chair for Score Washington, DC and Certified Mentor gives tips to grow your small business. Learn about the many free programs Score offers around the United States, their strategic partnership with the Small Business Administration, and their workshops and trainings. Len, award winning marketer, also shares several success stories of entrepreneurs that Score mentors have assisted, and how he, when running his government contracting firm, also received helped from Score. This is an all-around great discussion you will enjoy.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guests Anne Marie Malecha and Bernard Coleman, III

Kicking off This Same Episode with Akia Garnett is Anne Marie Malecha, Senior Vice President for Dezenhall Resources, a crisis management and public affairs firm located in downtown Washington, DC. Watch as they discuss ways big and small brands alike recover from the attacks of motivated adversaries. Then Akia interviews Global Head for Diversity and Inclusion for Uber, Bernard Coleman III! Watch them discuss some of the challenges #Uber is working to overcome, programs he has put in place, and new inclusion strategies coming down the pike.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Schinnell Leake

The issues of homelessness can be so much to sort through that birthdays can be overlooked or forgotten. Schinnell Leake, Exec Director for Extra-Ordinary Birthdays is working to ensure that homeless children in the Washington, DC area get to celebrate their very special day, and she’s created a volunteer community that’s helping to serve 11 them in metropolitan area shelters.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Cheryl Taylor, LCSW

Akia spends time with Psychotherapist, Cheryl Taylor, LCSW practicing at the Counseling Center of Maryland. Watch as they discuss how Cheryl helps her clients move through some their most difficult moments in life. Then, watch as four young SHE-EOs join the set to share how they got started in business, plus information about their products, which range from an environmental inspired turtle game, bath and beauty products, center candles, and premium branded gifts. You’ll enjoy this episode, which is brought to you by the SOAR Community Network, the Black Student Fund, and Camp SHE-EO. ThinkBIG is a live internet talk show and podcast.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Mali Phonpadith

Be inspired during this heartfelt and transparent discussion about what it takes to build and run a business, live authentically, and then soar. CEO for SOAR Community Network, Mali Phonpadith visits with Akia in the studio for this episode of ThinkBIG.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Linda Cureton

Akia Garnett interviews Linda Cureton, former CIO for NASA. Watch as Linda shares what it was like to lead over 3,000 information technology staffers at NASA, how she then launched her own business, Muse Technologies, achieved 8(a) certification and is now building up a new workforce.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guests Lamont Brown and Mary Parnell

Spend time with Akia and Licensed Financial Advisor, Lamont Brown who is president of the Stafford Regional Black Chamber of Commerce and Owner of ABC Solutions, an accounting firm, Mary Parnell, who is Chairwoman for the education division of the Chamber. Hear them share insights on running their companies and building up minority businesses in Northern and the Rappahannock region of Virginia to win.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Julia Westfall

Akia Garnett chats with CEO for Hera Hub DC, Julia Westfall, about why it takes a village to raise a business, how she’s responding to DC’s initiative to become the center of women business owners, and how she moved from IBM, Wang Laboratories, small business ownership and many other roles to leader of an accelerator.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Milagros Phillips

Akia Garnett has a conversation with Author Milagros Phillips about healing race relations and her historically grounded approach for looking at race. Watch as Milagros gives a new understanding of our current challenges, raising our consciousness and developing new approaches that help improve personal and professional relationships. Milagros was the Founding Executive Director of “The National Resource Center for the Healing of Racism.” She has served as Expert in Residence for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Michigan State University uses part of her model to train their diversity facilitators. She has lectured in the US, Mexico and Europe.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Jane Lovas

Jane Lovas, Keynote Speaker, Author, Leadership Expert and CEO for Lovas Consulting, simplifies how to find our purpose and then live and lead through it. Watch as Akia interviews her about the root source of all relationships – business and personal.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guests Rob Howze and Deshawn Robinson Chew

Choosing summer camps for children just got easier. See two Greater Washington, DC area entrepreneurs discuss how they are helping children tackle and master their health and financial literacy. Rob Howze, Founder, CAMP FIT and Deshawn Robinson Chew, founder, SHE-eo sits down with Akia Garnett.

Recently on ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett

Akia Garnett sits down with founding Partner for the Beekeeper Group, Shana Glickfield. Watch them talk about ways to advocate for causes you support by using your social media influence.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Malik Drake

Starting a business soon, or already started one and now want to ensure you don’t make legal mistakes? This episode is just for you. Watch as Akia Garnett interviews Attorney and Counselor at Law, Malik Drake. You’ll hear why in all instances it is absolutely necessary to consult with your lawyer before entering into any type of legal agreement.  Malik shares how to stay out of trouble and some of the consequences when business owners skip critical steps.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Rita Goodroe

Akia sits down with Rita Goodroe, Founder, Women’s Business Garden. Hear and watch them chat about her journey to entrepreneurship and supporting the growth of others. She shares how she studied and practiced law, launched a special dating project after a break-up with her then boyfriend, and then used that experience to become a relationship coach. Now the head of WBG, today, Rita’s time is spent increasing visibility for her ever-growing global group, which in under one year has acquired over 1,500 members.

Recently on ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett

Akia Garnett and Sherron talk all things marketing, from traditional to contemporary and how small business owners can use a one page marketing plan to increase lead generation. See Sherron share tools she uses daily while leading her firm, The P3 Solution. Washington is an author and speaker. Both Akia and Sherron are adjunct professors for Trinity Washington DC.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Krysta Jones

Krysta Jones, Founder, Virginia Leadership Institute visits with Akia to talk about her work supporting the political aspirations of todays and tomorrow’s elected officials. Darcel Laurie, Founder, Moguls in Media also shares what’s driving her to build up public relations professionals.

ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Barry Moton

Singer, songwriter and producer, Barry Moton sits down with ThinkBIG host, Akia Garnett. Watch and hear them discuss everything from classic and contemporary jazz, to arts in today’s public school system. Barry gives a special performance at the end. If you’re planning an upcoming tribute event and need ideas on program flow, or simply just love Billie Holiday, Billy Strayhorn, and Bill Whithers, then this is the episode for you?

Here’s a recent episode of ThinkBIG – How to Attract Your Ideal Clients through Social Media Marketing

Are you reaching your idea clients through your social media campaigns? This conversation will put you that much closer to creating online success. Watch Social Marketing Advisor and Online Publisher, TC Cooper, share tips you can implement right now. TC is founder of Upward Action, and is an author, speaker and attorney.

 ThinkBIG  by Akia Garnett with Guest Danny Vargas 

Raul “Danny” Vargas is a noted business and community leader, accomplished media commentator, and marketing/public relations professional. A product of the mean streets of New York City, he has created opportunities, overcome challenges and beaten the odds all his life. He has made a mark not only in business but in the community as well. Danny is a proud US Air Force intelligence veteran, serving seven years on active duty. Danny is the Founder and President of VARCom Solutions, a nationally-recognized, award-winning marketing communications, technology and management consulting firm. He is a regular media commentator in both English and Spanish, appearing on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Univision, Telemundo, and many more and has penned op-eds for Wall Street Journal, NBC and others. A proven corporate executive, Danny was an executive at AOL, France Telecom, Global One and Raytheon.

He was appointed by Virginia’s Governor to chair the Virginia Board of Workforce Development to ensure the future economic vitality of the commonwealth. He served as Chairman of the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce (the first Hispanic to chair a mainstream chamber in Virginia history) and sits on the board of the Northern Virginia Chamber. Active in politics and the community, he was a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, was one of the top races in 2015 and was endorsed by the Washington Post where they called him “one of the region’s more impressive first-time candidates for the House of Delegates in recent memory.”

He was appointed by Congress to a commission studying the creation of an American Latino Museum within the Smithsonian Institution and chairs a nonprofit group advancing this museum effort and has served on boards of various other nonprofit groups. He serves on a commission to study and promote economic opportunities for struggling families in Virginia. Danny has advocated for commonsense solutions for a variety of causes—workforce development, veterans support, economic development, health IT and more. A sought-after public speaker, Mr. Vargas is committed to keeping his community and our nation vibrant, thriving and strong. Visit Danny online. www.Varcom.com.


ThinkBIG by Akia Garnett with Guest Blake Holmes 

Akia Garnett sits down with Hip-hop recording artist, Blake Holmes to discuss his new EP “I Am Black”. Blake is with Heatwave Entertainment. The new EP includes titles such as “I Matter” and “Black Girl Magic”. Listen in as Blake shares what inspires him in music, the power of having a support system such as Heatwave and how he came into hip-hop as a genre. Watch some of the episode in this video and see more about Blake at http://artistecard.com/BlakeHolmes#!/

Monda Raquel Webb, Storyteller and Filmmaker, Recently on ThinkBIG

Monda Raquel Webb is passionate about promoting and preserving storytelling, and has made it her life mission to telling our stories worldwide through her production company, Little Known Stories. “As the daughter of a theatre (mom) and sociology major (dad), I’m DNA purposed to create literary and visual art that celebrates humanity, Monda says.  “I’m an independent filmmaker dedicated to telling little known stories hidden in the crevices of history’s pages. A visual archeologist, I’m committed to organic storytelling from a woman’s lens, that elevates, educates and uplifts humanity”. The show aired live February 7 at 8pm, ET.  Tune in and hear how Monda shares stories through film, including Red Clay Dirt, her project you will want to see.

Special thank you to Monda for allowing the showcase  Trailer #2 for Zoo – Volkerschau – which means human zoo in German.


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Recently on ThinkBIG: As founder of BlackBusinessReview.net, Alexis is building the premier news portal for business and political news impacting Black people around the world. Akia and Alexis talk about how content marketing has shifted to news publication websites. Get tips on how to get your content picked up by content editors on this episode of ThinkBIG.

Check out this episode of ThinkBIG: Co-hosts for The Small Business Report on SeriusXM, Carl Brown and Sharrarne Morton spend time with Akia. Carl, Executive Director for the DCSBDC at Howard University and Sharrarne, Executive TV and radio producer share tips on everything from applying for small business support services, and how to refining your on – camera delivery to make a great impression. Building a small business and want to use social media to grow awareness? This is show for you!

ThinkBIG is an Internet show focused on #influencers with brands that support the greater good of society. Akia Garnett is a marketing, branding and communications expert. She’s co-author of Seen and Sustained, and advocates for small and minority business owners and entrepreneurs. Find her on social. @AkiaGarnett

“Akia has been a contributor to the magazine. Her column has been timely, interesting and informative. She has also been a great friend to MBE. Taking us everywhere with her. We count her as a true friend and asset and am sure her commitment would extend to anyone with who she chooses to align herself.” — Barbara Oliver, President at Enterprise Publishing Inc.

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